The ZIP API is a RESTful API, that uses a HTTPs protocol for communication. HTTP GET, POST, PUT and DELETE methods are used to access the API.
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How to start

To begin using ZIP API, follow these steps:
• Go to API page (My classifieds → API);
• Click the "Add API Access" button;
• The newly generated API key will be shown in the list.

API key

The API key is a secret key unique to each store that is used to access the API.

Keep the API key in secret, and never expose it in any public website's client-side code.


ZIP uses HTTP basic authentication for the API requests.

To perform authorization, you need to add the Authorization header with a Base64 encoded API key when performing a request. So if the API key is b7221dc4-b014-4a:69-a17d-73cbea837214, then you need to add this header to the API request::

Authorization: Basic YjcyMjFkYzQtYjAxNC00YTo2OS1hMTdkLTczY2JlYTgzNzIxNA==

Request endpoint

All API requests have to be sent to this URL::


Connecting by HTTP is available as well, but for security reasons, use of HTTPS is highly recommended.

Request parameters

Parameters can be passed as GET variables::

GET /ads?offset=10&limit=5

For POST and PUT requests, a more complex data structure can be passed as JSON encoded data in the request body:

POST /import


Response body

The response body is always a JSON object that contains a response status code (identical to the HTTP status code) and the result of the action. If the status code is 200, then the action was successful.
   "code": 200, // Response status code 
	  // ...

Error response

If the API call is not successful, then the response code is not in the 2xx range and the result attribute contains an error description.

   "code": 404, // Response status code 
   "result":"Ad not found" // Error text